Committee List

Government Relations

Maintain relations with local government officials. Stay up-to-date on local, state and national laws and regulations affecting the Lodge.

Public Relations

Provide photos and text to state and national Elks magazines and local media about our charitable work.

Coordinate with the webmaster regarding web activity.


Inspire patriotism through encouraging the distribution and display of the flag, organizing an Americanism Essay and/or Brochure Contest in our local schools and by honoring our law enforcement and veterans.


Work with current charity partner organizations and find new ones who may benefit from Elks’ donations.

Elks National Foundation (ENF)

Work with the Grand Lodge programs for charitable giving and work to maximize Lodge members’ donations to the ENF.

Major Project

(Purple Pig)

Committed to encourage lodge member donations to the State organization’s project to aid children with disabilities.

Flag Day 

Organize the annual Flag Day ceremony, including the flag folding and the flag retirement ceremony with the help of the Boy/Girl/Cub Scouts.

National Veterans Service

Represent the Lodge to the area Veterans Administration and raise donations for veterans, especially the homeless and/or disabled, to help house them, feed them and improve their lives.

Drug Awareness

Help warn students about the dangers of drugs and their long term affects, using the programs provided by Grand Lodge.

Hoop Shoot

Annual basketball free throw competition for children 8 to 13 years old.  The competition starts at the local level and continues through to the national level.

Investigating Committee

Interviews potential incoming new members.


Promotes our various scholarship opportunities to local high schools.  It also coordinates the annual scholarship applications from high school seniors.

Youth Activities

Works with youth and youth organizations like the Boys and Girls Club and Scouts.  Organizes programs, such as, the student recognition program, dictionary program and Youth Week in May.

Elks Training

Helps members who would like to become officers to learn more about the ins and outs of the organization and its statutes and constitution.


Oversees the addition and orientation of new members and helps reduce the potential loss of current members.